Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Alamo RMA Taps City Hall Insider As New Exec Director

Well, it's official. The Alamo RMA (Regional Mobility Authority--the tolling authority) has chosen a new Executive Director, city hall insider, former City Manager Terry Brechtel. She's certainly a well-liked figure by many, but she doesn't have transportation experience. Unfortunately, she's being thrown into yet another cauldron of political heat. The voters have expressed their distrust of the RMAs loud and clear by defeating Prop 9 soundly in the Nov. 8 election. What the Brechtel selection reveals is the overtly political nature of the RMA. They tapped a political insider for the job. The RMA is supposed to represent and advocate for our local public interest which the RMA has clearly NOT been doing (tolling already funded highways). We fear we'll be getting more of the same under Brechtel's leadership...

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