Friday, October 07, 2005


Flyer Blitz Moves to Bandera Rd/1604!



San Antonio, TX, October 7, 2005 – is set to launch its next PR blitz to counter survey distribution by TxDOT asking people what they're willing to pay for tolls.

WHO: Grassroots citizens through the Texas Toll

WHAT: Flier distribution blitz during rush hour traffic at 1604 & Bandera Rd. (Bandera Road has been added to the toll plans)

WHEN: Friday, October 7 @ 8:00 AM!

WHERE: 1604 & Bandera Rd.

WHY: To give motorists the facts about TxDOT's toll plan.

"What most folks don't know is that TxDOT is saying it's tolls or nor improvements and that's not true. Folks also may not be aware that it's unlawful to convert an existing highway into a toll road without a vote of the people," says Terri Hall, Director of the San Antonio Texas Toll Party.

"TxDOT is taking freeways we've already paid for and unlawfully converting them into tollways. Never in the history of our country has our government attempted to shift FREEways that are already paid for into tollways. We know and trust the taxpayers to get informed on this subject, and that once people are aware of the facts, they'll help us work to fight this outrageous misuse of taxpayer money," Hall remarks.

TxDOT has been failing to tell the public this key information and framing the debate as tolls or we get no improvements. When they're taking EVERY freeway main lane on US 281 and soon on I-35 leaving only frontage road as the free lanes, they ARE forcing people to pay a toll as well as converting an existing highway that's already paid for into a tollway at a cost of nearly $2,000 a year for the average family (more if the toll rates are $.44-1.00 a mile like it was revealed in an independent review up in Austin).

"When it costs more to build and maintain toll roads than to build them as free roads, why on earth would we spend more to build toll roads only a few can use versus build them as free roads at less cost that EVERYONE can use? This is whole thing smacks of fiscal mismanagement," Hall says in amazement.

In Austin, they found it was $100 million more to build improvements as toll roads vs. free roads. Tolls are a sloppy tax where most of the money goes into collecting the tolls, and in this case when using a public-private agreement (known as CDA agreement), goes to line the pockets of a private corporation for up to 50 years.


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