Friday, September 23, 2005


Remember Who Voted to Toll You!

With upcoming elections on constitutional amendments and primaries in spring for County Judge, County Commissioners, State Representatives, and Governor, let's remember who the bad guys are. TxDOT is just following orders. It's our Governor and Legislature who brought toll proliferation to us and most all of our local elected officials have voted to do the same. So to make it perfectly clear who the good guys and bad guys are, here's the list:

Bad Guys
It starts at the top...

State Senators

State Representatives

City Council

EVERY Councilmember and the Mayor voted to give the ARMA (tolling authority) $500,000 without question on top of the $1 million toll equity grant from TxDOT, and $700,000 from the County Commissioners which begs the question, what does a volunteer Board with two employees need over $2.2 million for? I thought the point of the ARMA was to bring in a toll slush fund, not suck up more taxpayer money?

County Commissioners

Good Guys
State Senators

State Reps.

County Commissioners

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